Have Virtual Reality At Your Next Event or Fundraiser

Adding Virtual Reality to your next event or fundraiser can really take your event to the next level. We have worked with companies and organizations of all sizes and would love to speak with you regarding your next event.

For on-location events, Lancaster VR Lounge can bring 1-2 stations and will require a 10×10 space and power for each station, as well as access to wifi if you want to play multiplayer games. We will work with you to provide a selection of games or experiences for your guests so that you know what people are playing. We will also bring our VR Experience Experts that will make sure you guests have an amazing time at your event.

Prices for On-Location Virtual Reality begins at $700 and non-profit discounting is available.

Contact Lancaster VR Lounge today to start planning your next event or fundraiser.

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Invite LVRL To Your Event Or Fundraiser

Planning a On-Location Virtual Reality event is simple with the Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge. Wither LVRL is just a small part of your event or fundraiser or the entire activity, we’ll make sure that your event goes smoothly and all of your guests have a wonderful time. Get the process started by filling out the form and we will contact you with more information.