Lancaster VR Lounge is taking your health and well being seriously.

We are excited to be reopened, but we know that we have not yet overcome COVID-19. While we always took sanitation and cleanliness seriously, we are now going even further to make sure you, your family and  your friends can enjoy virtual reality in as safe an environment as possible.

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Our COVID-19 Guidelines


Our entire team will be wearing masks anytime we are interacting with guests. We are doing this because we want to keep our guests safe and we want everyone to feel both comfortable and respected. We ask all customers to please respect this policy and respect our staff and other customers in LVRL. Please wear a mask when walking around LVRL. We also recommend that, if able, please keep a face mask on while playing. If face masks during play is too uncomfortable, guests may remove their mask. However, please be sure to wear a face mask when finished and our attendant returns to help guests leave their station.


We have a restroom beside the checkout counter, as well as hand sanitizer at the checkout counter. Our team will ask guests to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before interacting with our staff or our equipment. This is to help decrease the chances that contamination enters our space and touches the VR equipment.

Our team members will also be washing their hands regularly, as well as using hand sanitizer between each interaction with guests.


After each VR session, our team will thoroughly clean each station with a CDC-approved cleaning agent that has been proven to kill COVID-19 and other infectious organisms. Cleaning supplies are hard to acquire, so we do often switch these products. However, we guarantee that all chemicals have been proven to kill COVID-19 within 10 minutes or less of contact.

VR stations will be left vacant for 5-10 minutes (based on cleaning chemicals used) to assure that the chemicals have been effective in killing any potential contamination.

We can also provide fabric face shields upon request free of charge to any customer that would like additional protection.


When entering LVRL, guests will see newly installed social distancing reminders throughout our facility. We ask that all customers kindly adhere to these guidelines. We also ask that guests stay in their designated station(s) for the duration of their visit, except for the use of the bathroom or to speak to a staff member. These social distancing guidelines are in place to help prevent the spread of any possible contagions, and we ask that guests respect our staff and our other guests by adhering to this policy as best possible.


Our team at LVRL will constantly clean any surface that has come into contact with our guests or other staff members. We will clean all VR stations upon a guest’s departure and we will wipe down benches, couches, chairs, tables and counters frequently and as needed.


This is all new to us too, and we are doing the best we can to make sure we keep you, your family, and your friends safe. If at any point you see a member of LVRL not following these policies, please let us know.

In return, we ask the same of you as our guest here at Lancaster VR Lounge. We ask that you follow our face mask, hand sanitation, and social distancing policies. We ask you to do this out of respect for our staff and our other guests. Please understand that while we know it is difficult, it is mandatory while at LVRL. Any intentional violation of these policies will be met with a warning and, if necessary, removal without refund.

We hope you enjoy your time at Lancaster VR Lounge and will visit us very soon.